We are a LC (Living Community) for Shadowrun 5th edition.


We are open for new and veteran players to join our community.
If you would like more information, please have a read through our website.

on the edge

Neon Anarchy is a table top gaming community for Shadowrun 5e. Here you can play Shadowrun online, for free, with players from around the world in an online (discord-based) persistent setting and world.

Persistent World

Are you ready to face the consequences of your dice actions?

The Anarchy is real

Any player can suggest mechanics they'd like to see in the game. After some server wide feedback, a house rule mechanic can be announced.


Not just suggestions, from run requests to this very website. This is a community-driven project.

Shadowrun 5.5e

We have an extensive document that aims to rectify the many issues plaguing the system, as best we can.

Less Paperwork and Bureaucracy

The slot based downtime cuts down a lot on having to track real time days for training.

Upcoming Homebrew

Soon, we will be releasing a full on homebrew splat book level of content. Ideas will be crowdsourced and then implemented in play.