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Welcome to Neon Anarchy Living Community’s News blog!

Neon Anarchy is a tabletop gaming community for Shadowrun 5e. Here you can play Shadowrun online, for free, with players from around the world in an online (discord-based) persistent setting and world.

But you already know that, right?! Yeah, if you haven’t, you can learn more about the LC on our ever expanding FAQ. You can also just jump straight to our Documentation page or even to our Discord server.

Oh my, so many places to go, so much stuff to read! Well, that’s why we created this little space here. Another place to go, for even more stuff to read!

Here you’ll find:

  • News about the LC development
  • Major house rules changes
  • Teasers about special runs
  • Random pieces of trivia
  • News about metaplots
  • Homebrew stuff
  • Guides
  • And much more! Including openness to suggestions


“Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, EVER cut a deal with a dragon.”