Noir-vember Art Contest

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Not all nights can be spent drinking your worries away in a jazzy speakeasy across the lake. For those, we propose the first Neon Anarchy Art Contest! Our community is filled with artists of all kinds, and we want to encourage them to share their work. In keeping with the theme of the month, experience the world of Neon Anarchy from the eyes of its fiercest of dames, and weariest of washed out detectives.

How to Sign Up: All you need to do to take part in this contest is to create a piece of art and post it to #website-feedback! This includes short-stories, longer stories (for when a short one doesn’t scratch the writing itch), drawings, paintings, even songs if you’re more musically inclined. If you don’t want to, that is totally ok too! No action is needed. Our pool of judges will be drawn from across the Neon Anarchy staff and anyone from our staff team is welcome to apply to be a contest judge. You have until November 30th to sign up, and prizes will be announced in the following week.

There is only one requirement: Make it gritty, make it bleak, make it BnW, make it Sepia, make it Noir.

RATING CRITERIA: Our judges will be using the following criteria for judging your piece.

  1. Writing/Artistic merit: The most general category. How does your text flow? What have you written about? How well can you convey that message?
  2. Style: It’s Noir-vember. How well can you fit into the theme? How grey is your world? Does it feel Art Noir? This is the judge’s choice category for the coolest entry, most thematically and sixth world appropriate entries, and most fun reads.
    2.5: There is no minimum length requirement, the maximum length for a submission is 10.000 words. Please keep things reasonable! Art can be a full drawing, a headshot, a sketch. Shorter entries and simpler pieces might have trouble telling their stories.

Prizes include but are not limited to:

  1. 8 GMP
  2. 6 GMP
  3. 4 GMP

Featured image credit: Jacob Charles Dietz