October’s AAR contest winners

In News by Moebius

Hoi chummers,

Thank you everyone that applied to the AAR contest, each and every report was read and appreciated. It’s amazing how our runners union/coop/DAO is full of artful runners and great stories.

And now congratulations and special thanks to:

3rd: @someguy339 (Dave/La Espuela/XX) – The Yamata Project

2nd: @Saarlak – Unnamed Sabotage

1st: @AztechnologyPR (Slice/Fron/Deli) – The Terrible Burden of Memory

The prizes are on top of the normal 2 GMP already earned normally for AARs. And each one of you winners are cordially invited to allow us posting your awarded stories on our NA blog.

Stay tuned for more contests coming soon!