Welcome to Neon Anarchy! You can use this page to figure how to get started playing in this server.


▷ Start by reading our Character Creation Rules

▷ Then our House rules

▷ Our Contact Rules

▷ And our Downtime Rules

▷ If you are interested in GMing in our community, please read our GM Rules


▷ If you are creating a character in Chummer, read our Newbie's Guide to Chummer

▷ If you are new to Shadowrun or are unsure about making a character, please read our Ultimate Guide to Shadowrun 5e Archetypes. It will help you build your first character

▷ Before you submit, read our handy gear guide for shadowrunners


▷ Link to Chummer (as a compressed file), with all our house rules coded in. Make sure to read the "Read Me!" gdoc

▷ All runs and games will be posted in the #run-posting channel on discord and our subreddit

▷ Check out our list of pre-made Custom Drugs

▷ Submit your character on our chargen subreddit