Things to Remember

  • Acceptance is not guaranteed.
  • Characters should not breach thematics.
  • Characters may be denied on grounds of, but not limited to:
  1. Rules illegality
  2. How well they fit in the community
  3. How well they mix with the thematics of the world

Approved Books

  1. Aetherology
  2. Assassin’s primer
  3. Better than bad
  4. Book of the lost
  5. Bullets and bandages
  6. Chrome flesh
  7. Cutting aces
  8. Dark terrors
  9. Data trails
  10. Forbidden arcana
  11. Gun heaven 3
  12. Hard targets
  13. Howling shadows
  14. Kill code
  15. Lockdown
  16. No future
  17. Rigger 5
  18. Run and gun
  19. Run faster
  20. Sail away, sweet sister
  21. Shadowrun core rule book
  22. Shadow spells
  23. Shadows in focus (all of them)
  24. Stolen souls
  25. Street grimoire
  26. Street lethal
  27. The complete trog
  28. The Seattle gambit.

Chargen Rules

These rules must be followed during character creation for your character to be deemed legal for play:

  • You may create a character using either Priority, Sum-to-10 or 800 Karma-gen (Point buy). All characters are made using Standard rules (unless you have access to a prime slot).
  • We prefer the use of the latest stable version of chummer for character creation. We allow Hero lab based on the availability of a chargen minion that has Hero lab.
  • You start with 3 character slots. You may buy additional character slots with GMP.
  • You must wait for 2 days after your character has been approved, to submit another one.
  • Along with base metatypes, all metavariants are allowed. However, other races such as metasapients, AI, shifters, infected and drakes are banned.
  • Your character must have a minimum age of 12 for orks or trolls and 18 for all other metatypes.
  • During character creation the minimum value of a permanently augmented average attribute, a character can have is 2. This is mandatory unless your character has a valid negative quality such as paraplegic. Even then you may not have more than a single attribute at an augmented average value of 1.
  • You can spend skill points on specializations for skills bought with karma.
  • You can take more negative qualities over the limit but you don’t get extra karma for them.
  • If you have cyberlegs, you will use full cyberleg agi for movement or average between your partial cyberlegs and your augmented meat agi, if you have partial cyberlegs.
  • You may re-group skill groups if the ratings for all the skills in the group are the same.
  • Mystic adepts may spend spells from priority during chargen, into power points. Each spell is worth 5 karma or 1 power point.
  • You may not initiate or submerge during character creation.
  • You must have at least 4 dice in etiquette.
  • Choosing negative qualities that will have little to no effect on your character will not be allowed, regardless of what the game mechanics say.

Chummer Setup

  • Follow our Newbie’s Guide to Chummer as a general guide for Chummer installation and general guide on how to use Chummer.
  • Download “Neon Anarchy House Rules” folder from this link and copy it to your Chummer > customdata folder.
  • Download the “Neon Anarchy.xml” file from this link. Copy the Neon Anarchy.xml file to your Chummer > settings folder.
  • Open Chummer.exe and go to Tools > Options. At the top of the screen, make sure your “Setting File” is set to Neon Anarchy. You will have to do this every time you start Chummer.
  • In the same window, go to the “Karma Costs” tab. Ensure that the “New Knowledge Skill Specialization” is set to 3.
  • In the same window, go to the “Optional Rules” tab. Ensure that the “Neon Anarchy House Rules” box is checked and its load order is at the top of the list.
  • In the same window, go to the “Character Options” tab. Under “Sourcebooks to Use”, ensure that the Neon Anarchy box is checked.

Chargen Advice

  • Try to have a minimum of a low lifestyle before you leave character creation.
  • Take a look at this Basic Gear Guide for a starting character.
  • Min maxing is fine. But try to have a character that can function in a dystopian, oppressive society. This means both having the basic social skills like etiquette and/or con, skills for everyday survival like perception and skills to defend yourself.
  • Similarly, having a rounded character is fine but try not to spread so thin that you fall below average. Remember, shadowrunners are exceptional individuals and specialists. Their skill set should be significantly above average. A runner that has 6 dice in every skill may become a liability to the team or end up crumbling under a difficult situation.
  • Remember that while legal, making a character that is unlikely to fit into society due to extreme bio sculpting, ridiculous level of surge, extreme body modifications such as, tank liminal body can make it extremely hard for your character to function in society or remain a shadowrunner without getting easily found and have a target painted on your back. Not saying you should never explore these themes, but try to dial down a little on the freaks and weirdos even in a society as absurd and over the top as the 6th world.
  • When playing a magician or mystic adept, it may be a good idea to do some research into the tradition you pick. A lot of them are real and have cultural ties that should be respected and roleplayed accurately, so we hope to avoid PC’s playing into IRL offensive stereotypes.

Additional Character Slots

Additional standard character slots can be bought by paying an amount of GMP equal to: 20 x (the number of the extra slot you are buying, beyond 3). So, 20 GMP for your 1st extra slot, 40 for your 2nd, 60 for your 3rd and so on.

Prime Slots

An existing standard character slot can be upgraded to a Prime character slot by paying an amount of GMP equal to: 100 x (the number of the prime slot you are upgrading to). So, 100 GMP for your 1st Prime slot upgrade, 200 for your 2nd, 300 for your 3rd and so on. You may upgrade all of your standard slots to prime slots if you can pay for it. Prime slots use Prime level of character generation instead of standard. A standard slot that’s been upgraded to Prime is persistent and reusable. That is, if the character occupying the slot is retired or dies, you can make another prime gen character with that slot.

Resubmit Rules

Regular Resubmit

After your character is approved, if you feel dissatisfied with your character you may resubmit them at any time and make any kind of changes and wait for a reapproval. Doing so will cause you to lose all your run rewards, except for one. You may choose which run’s rewards to retain. You will get back all your invested GMP.

Special Resubmit

If you were forced to resubmit a character due to major rules overhaul by us or your character ceased to work as intended due to rules changes, a resubmitted character does not lose any of their run rewards. Any GMP originally invested in the character must be reinvested as you see fit. 

Retirement Rules

There may come a time where you would like to retire a character, because you have played as that character for a long time, the character has become too powerful, etc. These rules ensure that a retired character is not simply dumping it into the trash can and lighting all your time and effort on fire.

A character that is retired before they complete 10 runs and 5 months of downtime, does not get any benefits from retirement. For characters that are retired after completing 10 or more runs and 5 or more months of downtime; these following rules apply.

Runner to Contact

A retired player character can become a contact. Once a character becomes a contact, all current and future characters of that player gain that contact for free, as soon as they leave character creation. Here are the rules for PC contacts.

  • For every 10 runs and 5 months of downtime the character has completed, they gain 1 point of Connection (up to a maximum of 6). The player must choose one of the three types for the contact.
  • Loyalty for PC contacts starts at 4 and can be raised as per downtime rules. Loyalty can also go down based on player actions. If the contact’s loyalty reaches 0, the player character loses that contact. If lost, the contact can be repurchased by going on a run to smooth out things, after which the character may get the contact back at loyalty 1.
  • If the retired character has completed at least 30 runs and 15 months of downtime. The contact can have two contact powers instead of one. They must meet the requirements for both powers.


For every 10 runs and 5 months of downtime the character has completed, the player gains 1 legacy point. Legacy points can be used on the next character they create. All legacy points must be used on the next character and cannot be stored. Any unused legacy points are lost. If a character retires a second character before using up the legacy points from their earlier retired character on a new character, the legacy points from the earlier retired character are lost.
Legacy points can be used to give the new character various boons during character creation. Unless stated, each boon can only be used once. Here is a list of boons.

  • Investment Return: You get back 50 GMP you have invested in your retired character. This boon can be taken multiple times. 
  • Knowledgeable: The character gains an additional 21 Knowledge skill points.
  • Mana Redistribution: A mystic adept can use their available spell points to purchase power points instead of spells, at the rate of 1 spell = 1 power power point. The maximum number of power points you can have is equal to your Magic.
  • Martial Artist: The character has no cap for purchasing martial arts during character creation and can buy as much as they can afford. In addition, they gain one martial art (comes with 1 technique) for free.
  • Qualified: The character has double the cap for purchasing positive qualities during character creation (50 for standard gen, 70 for prime).
  • Restricted Access: You gain the Restricted Gear quality for free. In addition, you can buy Betaware during character creation.
  • Temporary Prime: The legacy character you make can be made using Prime Gen rules in a standard character slot. This applies for just that character and does not upgrade the slot into a Prime slot.
  • Well Connected: The character gains an additional 21 Contact points.