General Code of Conduct

We are all here to relax, enjoy and play some Shadowrun. As such the responsibility of all members to act in a responsible manner. Here are some general community guidelines everyone should strive to abide by.

  • Don’t be a dick.
  • Don’t spam the channels or constantly ping people without good reason.
  • Don’t advertise in the channels to promote your own brands or groups without permission from moderation.
  • No NSFW content.
  • Don’t personally attack or harass other people. It’s fine to debate but don’t resort to accusations.
  • Don’t bring up real-life Politics, Religion or Racial issues. This is a gaming community.
  • No Racism, Sexism or hate towards any Sexual Orientation.
  • Don’t discuss or engage in the topic of Piracy on the server.
  • If you notice repeated disruptive behaviour or otherwise feel uncomfortable, please reach out to moderation.

Table Etiquette

While playing, please follow these guidelines. These guidelines stand while roleplaying off-table.

  • Be polite to other players and the GM. Be chill and don’t hog the spotlight.
  • Don’t interrupt other players or the GM.
  • Don’t derail or otherwise try to disrupt the game or the plot. GMs work hard on their runs.
  • Unless the GM is abusing their position or disregarding our rules, the GM is always right. If you feel the GM is being a dick or not following the rules, feel free to PM moderation or the GM department.
  • The GM has the right to remove a disruptive player from their game.
  • Don’t engage in non-consensual PvP. Take permission from the GM before engaging in consensual PvP.
  • No ERP. Refrain from engaging in sexual or romantic behaviour without the permission of the GM. If sexual activity happens, fade to black.
  • Don’t restrict the agency of other players.
  • Feel free to listen in on runs with the permission of the GM. Please keep yourself muted while the game is in progress.

Serious or repeated violations may cause moderation to take action, which includes temporary or permanent bans.