Contact Dice Pool

Contacts roll Connection x 2 + Loyalty + Domain bonus, as dice pool. Domain bonus is a flat +6 dice pool modifier that applies to the contact’s area of specialization. Contacts have no limit for their dice pool. Contacts will usually not edge their rolls for you.

Contact Types

There are three types of contacts.

Gear Contacts

These contacts will sell you gear and/or fence gear for you. All gear contacts can sell or fence any gear type. However, each gear contact has a domain based on their gear specialty. The contact will get the domain bonus for only gear of that type. Gear domains are.

  • Augmentations (Cyberware, Bioware, Genemods and Nanoware)
  • Armor and Clothing (includes armor mods and accessories)
  • Critters (mundane and paracritters as well as their training equipment)
  • Weapons and Ammunition (includes weapon mods and grenades)
  • Electronics (cyberdecks, RCCs, commlinks, software and other electronic gear)
  • Explosives
  • Vehicles and Drones (includes vehicle and drone mods)
  • SINs and Licenses
  • Talismonger (sells all manner of magical goods)
  • Miscellaneous (any gear not covered by the other domains)

Service Contacts

These contacts offer a specific service and apply their domain bonus to rolls involving that service. This could be an NPC decker or technomancer, a getaway driver, a lawyer, an information broker, an alchemist that will make preps for you, a makeup artist who will disguise your team etc. Feel free to be creative when coming up with a service contact.


Fixers help you land jobs and introduce you to new people. Fixers apply their domain bonus to networking which is a service exclusive to fixers. If you are in need of a temporary contact or to get in touch with someone, your fixer can roll their dice pool with a threshold equal to the connection of the person you are trying to get in touch with. If they succeed on the networking test, you may use that temporary contact for the duration of the run. All temporary contacts have a loyalty of 1 that cannot be improved unless you have them permanently as a run reward.

Buying Gear

Buying gear is handled differently from RAW.

  • Buying gear is an extended test. The availability acts as the threshold.
  • Either your character or one of the character’s contacts can roll to buy gear once per run (you may edge your negotiation test as normal). Keep track of your/their hits. Once you/they meet the threshold you instantly get the item.
  • You may not combine the hits of different contacts or you and your contacts.
  • A character or a contact can only work on the availability rolls of one gear at a time (although you can buy multiple copies of that gear once you succeed). Should they try to roll availability for another gear before succeeding in their previous availability roll, all progress is lost.
  • Once the extended tests succeed, delivery time is instant.

Selling Gear

When selling/fencing gear using a gear contact. You get an amount of money back, equal to (Loyalty x 10)% of the original price of the gear.

Gaining and Improving Contacts

Rules for gaining new contacts or improving a contact’s loyalty or connection is described in the Downtime Rules.

Tests of Loyalty

Situations may arise where your contact is on the fence about not helping you or you risk the contact’s loyalty going down due to the actions of the player. In such a case, the GM should roll a dice pool of (13 – Connection) of the contact with a threshold equal to (6 – Loyalty of the contact). If the test succeeds the contact will help you and/or there is no loss of loyalty.

If the loyalty of a contact does go down due to the bad actions of the player, it should not go down more than 1 point at a time. A contact that drops to 0 loyalty is forever lost.


Favors are an abstract metric of measuring the value of a service provided by a contact. The most direct way to repay a favor is to pay nuyen on the spot. Alternatively, you may hold on to that favor and repay them in downtime, without paying nuyen. GMs are free to determine the rating of a favor or consult with the rest of the table as to what the favor rating should be based on the magnitude of the service provided. Keep in mind, rating 5 and 6 favors are for truly big or outrageous requests. If you already owe a contact a favor, you cannot ask for more favors from that contact until you repay the last one.

The nuyen cost of favors depends on the loyalty of a contact. Consult the following table.

Favor RatingLoyalty 1Loyalty 2Loyalty 3Loyalty 4Loyalty 5Loyalty 6
Rating 11000¥900¥800¥700¥600¥500¥
Rating 22000¥1800¥1600¥1400¥1200¥1000¥
Rating 34000¥3600¥3200¥2800¥2400¥2000¥
Rating 48000¥7200¥6400¥5600¥4800¥4000¥
Rating 516,000¥14,400¥12,800¥11,200¥9600¥8000¥
Rating 632,000¥28,800¥25,600¥22,400¥19,200¥16,000¥

Force and Level

The maximum force or level a contact can use for things that have a force or level is limited to their Connection + 5. Contacts do not need to make drain or fade resistance tests.

Contact Powers

Each contact has access to a single power. You are free to choose any power from the following list, provided your contact meets the requirements. We are always looking for new contact power ideas. Feel free to contact us to bounce off new ideas.

A Stitch In Time

Requirement: Gear Contact (Armor and Clothing).

The contact can get you any armor modification or armor accessory up to an availability of (Connection + Loyalty), without needing to roll for availability.

Already Trained

Requirement: Gear Contact (Critters).

Any critter you buy from this contact comes trained with a single trick of your choice. This trick does not count against the maximum number of tricks a critter can learn.


Requirement: Fixer

The fixer also acts as a Service Contact (Lawyer). If you get arrested, the contact will try their best using legal and less than legal means to get you out. The favor rating for this will increase with the level of charges pressed against you.

Can I Borrow That?

Requirement: Minimum Connection 6

The contact has a single super cool piece of non-implanted, non-foci gear, vehicle or drone (eg: a VTOL, a Neo NET Juggernaut, a high end cyberdeck, etc) that they can lend out for a single run, for a favor. The cost of the object should be a maximum of 50 times the cost of the favor, calculated at loyalty 1. The final cost of borrowing the item is then modified by loyalty, as per the favor table. Should the player lose the object or the object gets destroyed during the run (damage that can be repaired is not penalized), the contact will lose a number of loyalty equal to the rating of the favor. If loyalty drops to 0, the player character permanently loses the contact and gains a point of notoriety.

Controversial Gene Therapy

Requirement: Gear Contact (Augmentations).

The contact is a specialist in SURGE genetics and metagenic splicing. Once per lifestyle cycle, for 40,000¥ you may change the list of your metagenic qualities. This only works if you already have the SURGE III quality. You are still restricted by the rules of SURGE III and you may not reduce the original total positive and negative karma totals of your metagenic qualities, just swap them out for something else while maintaining the final number.

Deltaware Clinic

Requirement: Gear Contact (Augmentations).

The contact has access to a deltaware clinic for mundanes.

Here Are Your Passports

Requirement: Gear Contact (SINs and Licenses).

The contact can make burner SINs for you without needing to make availability rolls. These temporary fake SINs cost Rating x 500¥. Each license attached costs Rating x 120¥. These temporary fake SINs and attached licenses last up to a number of days equal to their rating. The maximum rating of a burner SIN and its licenses, the contact can make is equal to their connection (maximum 6).

It Will Be Removed

Requirement: Fixer or Gear Contact (SINs and Licenses).

  • The contact can reduce your public awareness. To remove 1 PA, it costs a favor of rating equal to your current PA.
  • The contact can reduce your notoriety by 1 for a rating 6 favor. This can only be done once per lifestyle cycle and if you have not gained notoriety that month. This cannot remove notoriety gained from qualities. This power cannot be combined with the Lay Low, downtime action.

Made Man

Requirement: Any Gear Contact.

This contact is a member of a gang or criminal syndicate. If you are a made man of the same faction as them, they will offer a 10% discount on any gear purchased from them (domain or not) and have a +1 dice pool modifier for making availability tests for gear in their domain. A contact with this power cannot be a Black Market Pipeline contact and the discount does not stack with Dealer Connection.

More Dakka!

Requirement: Gear Contact (Weapons and Ammunition).

The contact can get you ammunition up to an availability of (Connection + Loyalty + 6), without needing to roll for availability.


Requirement: Service Contact (Police).

For a rating 2 favor, the contact can misdirect police forces from closing in on your location. Treat police response times as one level higher. Eg: AAA zone becomes AA. The contact can only do this if the area falls under the jurisdiction of the police force they belong to. This ability cannot block in-house security or corporate HTR in extra territorial zones.

Nanomachines, Son!

Requirement: Gear Contact (Vehicles and Drones) or Service Contact (Mechanic).

The contact has access to a Nano Forge and can replace your destroyed vehicles and drones for 50% of the original price. It will be restored with all its mods and weapons intact. At loyalty 4, the cost gets reduced to 25%. At loyalty 6, the cost gets reduced to 15%.

On The House

Requirement: None.

At the beginning of the next lifestyle cycle if you owe this contact a favor, that favor is considered repaid for free. The maximum rating of a favor that can be repaid this way cannot exceed the contact’s loyalty rating.

Perfect Fit

Requirement: Gear Contact (Armor and Clothing).

This contact can tailor your armor with such finesse that armor purchased from this contact that has the custom fit or custom fit (stack property) never loses their social bonuses, even if your physical attributes change. If you avail this service the piece of armor costs 25% extra.

Refurbished Ware

Requirement: Gear Contact (Augmentations).

The contact has a lot of used ware lying around in their clinic. They don’t not need to roll for availability to get used ware.

See You On The Other Side

Requirement: Fixer.

For a rating 3 favor, the contact can smuggle a single person and a duffle bag worth of gear across any international border. If you plan to bring in significantly more gear, increase the favor rating to 4. If you plan on bringing vehicles, increase the favor rating to 5.

Side Business

Requirement: None.

  • A gear contact can select a second gear domain.
  • A fixer or service contact can select a single gear domain. They can only get gear from that domain and apply their domain bonuses involving any rolls to get that gear.

That Costs Extra

Requirement: None.

Once per run, for a rating 2 favor, the contact will post edge their roll.

Group Contacts

Group contacts work differently than standard individual contacts. You may use group contacts for knowledge skill rolls and legwork. When using group contacts, make your own dice roll but add the connection of the group contact as a positive dice pool modifier. If the group contact is an initiation or submersion group, you can add its connection to your initiation/submersion roll. You may only apply a single group contact to a roll.


The Connection of a group contact ranges from 1 to 5. Their Loyalty rating is capped at 1 unless stated otherwise. Here’s how group contacts would be ranked based on their connection.

  • Connection 1: A school. A dojo. A technomancer tribe. An initiation group. Small street gangs or Policlubs, etc.
  • Connection 2: Universities. Large go gangs like Ancients or Cutters. Large policlubs like Humanis or Orc Rights Commission. Most mid sized criminal syndicates. Unrated corps.
  • Connection 3: A rated corps. Large or international crime syndicates like the Shotozumi or Watada rengo of the Yakuza. The Black Lodge.
  • Connection 4: AA rated corps and small nations.
  • Connection 5: AAA corps and large nations like UCAS, CAS, etc.


Players can only have a group contact up to Connection 3. The Made Man quality grants you a free group contact of Connection 1 to 3 (depending on which gang or syndicate you join). Group contacts that players can have, can be purchased during character creation by paying (Connection x 2) + 1 karma. After character creation, purchasing a group contact costs (Connection x 4) + 2 karma. As per RAW they function like qualities and thus count towards the positive quality cap during character creation.
The GM or Chargen department can veto your purchase if you are buying group contacts for multiple gangs or syndicates (especially rival ones).