SeattleNet Broadcast – July 2078 – Contracting is a Dangerous Occupation

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Shifting through various mega corp ads, sponsors, and targeted spam, you find your way to the Seattle Net Broadcast...

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This channel has graphic content, viewer discretion is advised.

Greetings and salutations! I’m Linda Ardent and you’re listening to SeattleNet! We’re Keeping Watch over Seattle! SeattleNet has some exciting news for you today. Informants and sources have told me recently about some ne’er-do-wells in Tacoma! Fancy words, right? Let’s get right to the news!

A recent story caught my ear.

ARES has been buying out local businesses in the Tacoma district, one of which is Avalerion Real Estate Agency. The Agency was looted and burned by unknown assailants. Two security guards were found dead. One was mutilated and the other decapitated. Seattle Knight Errant or Lonestar has yet to make a statement on the case. But I suspect it’s Halloweeners.

An image is shown, a dead security guard with a Halloweener's symbol carved into his chest.

Who else would do such heinous acts?

Our next story is once again in Tacoma!

Private Military Contractors near a dockyard were seen in an quick and brutal firefight with — dare I say it — shadowrunners! Lonestar arrived after and found 9 dead on scene. A few eye witnesses saw the PMCs flee the scene. Not very professional of the PMCs if you ask me. The cause of the firefight is unknown but the shadowrunners were packing heavy heat and magic.

You see a picture of two APCs driving down a road in Tacoma at high speeds.

This next story might be rough for some listeners. Recently, the hatred and contempt for Trogs has risen to new levels. Informants have told me that the Orc Underground has been actively ignored by cops in Seattle. Lonestar nor Knight Errant has made a statement regarding the Trog hatred.

A picture of the current Lonestar chief, Deke Winslow, is shown at a recent press conference. He looks disheveled and stressed. 

Remember, we keep watch over Seattle. This is Linda Ardent, signing off.

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