WorldMap 2079

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Trideo recording starts

Hey, No-Mad here, between streams I have been playing around, with satellites and other things found on the trix, plus a hand with others getting me a bit of an astral view of places, I noticed that a lot of the good chummers in the community didn't know where much was outside of Seattle so I took it in my hands to become a sort of cartographer, giving back to those not in the limelight of education and mostly to those that live in the shadows. I'll probably get some type of recognition but its nullsweat, I might just keep this to off the record updates in my free time, or I might stream it on my next 10hr stream this month, I wont bog down the post here with the usual corp talk of "this is a great moment of learning in meta-communities" type drek, just remember stay frostly and pay the goodwill forward, and never forget, have no sad and no mad in your life.

Trideo recording stopped